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Friends and Partners:

The following is Invicta’s inaugural Annual Letter to Investors where we discuss market dynamics, fund performance, and progress against the Invicta mission.

Invicta is a growth-stage venture investment manager dedicated to supporting category leading B2B technology companies at scale…

An overview of transactional nuances in modern private technology investing

Private capital markets are evolving and so too are the ways in which sophisticated investors are approaching private tech investing and portfolio management. Larger venture allocations from Limited Partners and swaths of capital from historically public-only funds are pouring into private deals. This is, in part, causing companies to stay…

Credit: Markus Spiske

“We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

Roy Amara

When we think of ‘bots’, we tend to envision physical robotic systems performing physical labor tasks — like a multi-axis ABB industrial robot arm or Atlas…

Goal: Concisely yet convincingly communicate the value your product or service delivers to customers.

Framework: The Hero’s Journey

Storytelling has been a tenet in humanity for thousands of years. When we are empowered by stories, we become motivated to take action. We can leverage psychological principles when we describe our businesses to attract customers…

Photo by Tomasz Frankowski on Unsplash

Chute releases a travel-marketing magazine called Sightseer each quarter. A version of this article will appear in the Q3 edition.


Strive to find the right balance between human and automated interaction with customers. Convenience is equally as important as empathy.

Focus on process improvement prior to process automation. Automating…

I recently left IBM in New York to join a startup in San Francisco. While this may be a fairly common story-line, I thought to share a bit about my experience to those who might find it helpful in thinking about or making a similar transition.

TL;DR: If you’re interested…

Joseph T. Hasselmann

Finding pockets of value and impact in private markets. Some Observations, Fewer Conclusions:

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